Siem Reap, Spean Chreav

house from 2015

‘Phteah Kantaing’ style house

fact sheet

present location: Spean Chreav village, Siem Reap commune, Siem Reap-Angkor, Siem Reap province

time to build: 2 months (February-March 2015)

dimensions: 7.5 x 7.1 x 7.2m (kitchen included); excluding bathroom

architectural details: raised on nine square, pre-used 30 year-old square sokrom (Xylia dolabriformis Benth) columns to a design of a typical Cambodian wooden house related to a Chinese shop-house model; remainder of the koki (Hopea odorata Roxb) & sralao (Lagerstroemia calyculata Kurz) timbers used are new and milled on site. roof tiles, new were pre-ordered from a manufacturer in Kompong Cham. window shutters, one old (from Kompong Cham), others new, painted in mid-blue in imitation of the faded blue window and door treatments found on older Khmer wooden houses.

the house is accessed by wooden stairs on the proper right side of the house that for protection from the elements, is sheltered by an overhanging roof. the principle façade of the house faces east. an open interior space is divided in halves by a difference in floor treatments and levels with an entrance and kitchen area on a lower, slatted wooden floor - the sleeping and activity areas of solid wood boards are raised by one step. an attached bathroom is of brick and rendered concrete and is accessed by steps from the main room of the house.

designed and installed on land lot no.1 by architect Hok Sokol over vehicle garage near Kralanh house. dubbed by an Australian friend the 'Garage Mahal'.

Garage house 'Garage Mahal'
House images 1-5©, Darryl Collins, 2016
Garage Mahal
House images 1-5©, courtesy Hok Sokol, 2015