In early teen years, I saw ‘National Geographic Magazine’ articles on Cambodia that featured Angkor Wat. It was my naive dream in 1974, to visit the museum in Phnom Penh and the famed temple. It was not to be. For-tunately exactly 20 years later, I came to Phnom Penh fufilling a promise to myself. Most recently from August 2004-May 2007, I worked on the Collection Inventory Project at the National Muse-um of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. This project initially ran for 3 years, but was extended a further 3 years to complete the project in 2010.

A successful application was made to the supporting donor and foundation for the Collection Database Project that commenced in January 2011 to run for a further 3 years as part of the Center for Khmer Studies program. My work continued as project manager.

To date, I remain a consultant for the museum and assist the director and staff when requested.