During 1974, I spent almost a year travelling throughout Southeast Asia and Japan. This study trip financed by my own resources and supplemented with a Visual Arts Board grant, enabled me to see private collections and visit musems and sites in these areas.

In early teen years, I saw ‘National Geographic Magazine’ articles on Cambodia that featured Angkor Wat. It was my naive dream in 1974, to visit the museum in Phnom Penh and the famed temple. It was not to be. For-tunately exactly 20 years later, I came to Phnom Penh fufilling a promise to myself.

Born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia my first work experience at the state museum saw work with the seminal Ratnam collection of ceramics. This spurred my interests in Southeast Asian art that ultimately led to further museum positions and study abroad in Japan. In the 70s, I was to move to Sydney for work at the Art Gallery of New South Wales; still later took up residence in Canberra to work briefly for the National Library of`Australia, before commencing at the National Gallery of Australia (formerly, the ANG).